Power BI is an interactive data visualization software product. The product is used primarily in business intelligence and is capable of providing the user with a unique perspective when visualization the target dataset. 

The Key Sales of Company dashboard pertains to the Revenue and Quantity values of each respective client over a six month period. Importantly, a distance (Total Kilometers) slider and month buttons have also been provided. The distance slider can be interactively manipulated to visualize and determine which clients order which products within particular distance(s) from the business. Similarly, the month buttons can also be interactively manipulated to visualize and determine the ordering habits and clients at specific times of the year. Identifying such trends can provide unique insights which would have been otherwise impossible by simply inspecting raw data, pivot tables, and graphs. 

The user is encouraged to interact and manipulate the dashboard to visualize some of the trends described hereinabove. The same dashboard can be created for similar data and updated in real-time to identify important trends and provide valuable insights.