Technology Landscape

Power BI is an interactive data visualization software product. The product is used primarily in business intelligence and is capable of providing the user with a unique perspective when visualization the target dataset.

For example, the Vaccine Power BI dashboard below provides the user with patent information pertaining to the top-filing applicants over the last 10 years; in which countries these patent applications were filed; and the technology domains (broad categories) of these patent applications.

Upon request, the user can access the raw data used to construct the dashboard to investigate patents that have been granted, expired (lapsed), countries where applications were filed, and the like. As such, the user can keep up to date with technologies that are being developed by competitors in their field and/or explore the option of commercializing technology where patent protection has lapsed.

The Power BI dashboard is easily updated in real-time and is a powerful tool capable of providing the user with a statistics and business intelligence-based competitive edge.

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