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Our team is fully committed to ensuring efficient patent application, registration and enforcement procedures.

At KISCH IP our experienced patent attorneys understand the importance of patent protection as well as the value it has in any business. Protecting an invention through patent registration can allow clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We offer expert patent solutions, that include patent drafting, prosecution and litigation services in addition to strategic advice, to help both local and international clients to achieve this.

Our patent professionals are qualified and/or registered electronic, mechanical, chemical or metallurgical engineers, scientists, chemists and biochemists. Contact us to discuss a solution that will suit your specific patent requirements.

Our patent professionals are qualified and/or registered electronic, mechanical, chemical or metallurgical engineers, scientists, chemists and biochemists..

To secure patent protection, we offer the following professional services:


Our patent searches solution includes patentability research and advice, patent infringement assistance, freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis, technology landscape searches and competitor review and sector activity worldwide.

Drafting Patent filing and Prosecution

We draft patent specifications for inventions and prosecution of South African patent applications, as well as international patent applications through our extensive network of trusted agents.

Patent Due Diligence

Intellectual property (IP) due diligence of a company’s IP portfolio can play a vital role in a variety of transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity investments, licensing negotiations, spin-offs, etc.

Focusing on patent-related aspects of a transaction, we perform patent due diligence for parties contemplating investments in technology companies. We provide a patent portfolio analysis of the target company to mitigate the risk to the investing firm.


In a rights transfer, our team provides strategic advice and assists with preparing assignment documents and attending to assignment recordals in any country.


If not correctly dealt with from the outset, the licensing of intellectual property can be riddled with hidden risks. We provide expert advice regarding license agreements and the terms and conditions under which these relationships should proceed. We also prepare license agreements for intellectual property rights and assist with disputes between parties concerning existing license agreements.


All changes, including change of ownership or a change in the name of a company, affecting patent rights may, and often should, be recorded at the relevant patent offices. This task is complex and requires professional knowhow. We assist with all relevant recordals to ensure accuracy.

Our solutions aimed at enforcing patent rights include:

  • Preparing legal opinions and advising clients on issues such as validity, amendment and infringement of client and third-party patents.
  • Patent litigation, revocation and related litigious matters for clients.
  • Advising clients on the possibility of designing around third-party rights to avoid infringement.

We conduct and report on patentability searches for inventions in all fields. To do this, we use international on-line databases, in-house electronic and hard copy databases dating back to the 1950s, the databases at various international Patent offices, and the South African patent office. These searches also cover relevant technology databases.

We conduct infringement searches to determine the countries or territories in which an invention may be freely commercialised or utilised without fear of infringement.
Technology Landscape Searches (TLRs) form part of our competitive and business intelligence services. TLRs encompass an analysis of the global or domestic research and development landscape based on data analytics of patent publications within a specified technological field. Such an analysis enables clients to better align with technology trends, make informed strategic business decisions, ensure that market offerings remain current, and allows keeping up with latest developments while anticipating any potential disruptions in their current and future markets of interest.

As part of our competitive and business intelligence services, we offer competitor and sector reviewing based on patent activity. In academia there exists the notion of publish or perish. In industry the reality in our modern society is innovate or perish.

The first step to follow innovation is the protection of innovative ideas, primarily through the patent system as the strongest form of protection for industrially applicable technology. Accordingly, monitoring patent publications of a specific competitor, or within an industry, enables one to anticipate movement by competitors, or even technological shifts in industry. This provides vital actionable intelligence for a participant in a dynamic field.

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