KISCH IP and Probity Advisory have embarked on a journey of collaboration to introduce a team of specialist professionals qualified to provide an integrated full-spectrum, multidisciplinary service offering incorporating IP and commercial law, tax compliance, corporate finance and forensic practices. The aim is to enable any business to unlock its cash benefits and mitigate its risk in an efficient way.

This is a South African first-to-market collaboration between law, accounting and financial and tax advisory services which opens doors to access adjacent markets and complimentary customer segments. 

“Probity Advisory is a group of skilled professionals who have joined forces in a unique consulting environment to provide an unparalleled service offering to the market. KISCH IP is a specialist IP law firm which offers solution driven and innovative IP services across Africa, in an ever-changing and developing landscape that requires specialist knowledge to succeed,” says At van Rooy - Chairman of the Executive Committee, Director & Patent Attorney at KISCH IP.

The collaboration presents the first offering in this country where tax advice is combined with tax risk management and tax compliance, including submission of returns, review of assessments and tax dispute management, all within a protected legal environment.

“Services will be provided by trusted professionals through a consortium based on expertise and cost-effective outsourcing.  Our multidisciplinary model enables KISCH IP and Probity to operate at the intersection of tax, finance, law and strategic consulting not only as an integrated client solution offering but in a specialist capacity,” says van Rooy.

Clients will further benefit from improved capacity to demonstrate best practice and access to additional resources or lower costs because of the collaboration.

“This collaboration creates new opportunities for partnerships, particularly with SMMEs and entrepreneurs, to build thriving businesses across Africa”, concludes van Rooy.