Johannesburg, 18 May 2020. KISCH IP is pleased to share our collaboration with TuksNovation on 3 September 2020 where we will be presenting an overview of useful Intellectual Property (IP) information and requirements for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups.

KISCH IP has 145 years of experience in assisting companies of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to large corporates, in all sectors with protecting, enforcing and commercializing their IP. “In South Africa there has never been a more ideal time for entrepreneurs to take their ideas to market. We have always had a strong interest in assisting start-ups in protecting what is theirs as well as, very importantly, educating them on what needs to be done to secure this protection,” explains Ursula Baravalle, Director and Patent Attorney at KISCH IP. “Often, perhaps due to not knowing or being intimidated by what it could cost, entrepreneurs do not take steps to consult with an IP lawyer and so we welcome opportunities such as this one with TuksNovation to share our expertise and thereby offer the vital information needed”.

The MasterClass will share a general overview of IP and its value including trade marks, copyright, patents and designs, exchange control considerations and off-shoring. KISCH IP has been offering continued support to TuksNovation's start-ups since March this year in the form of services such as IP due diligences, training, education and research, providing invaluable knowledge and contributes in economic development of start-ups and SMEs.

TuksNovation is a technology business incubator, founded by the University of Pretoria in partnership with the Small Enterprise Development Agency, that provides specialised product and business development support to start-ups. “We provide this support to entrepreneurs throughout their start-up growth by helping to validate their idea, develop technology, and craft their business model for the relevant market. With training being an important part of this process, this MasterClass is a perfect example of how start-ups can benefit from what we offer,” explains Anéa Burke Le Roux, Centre Manager of TuksNovation. “By sharing expertise, in this case on intellectual property, we give start-ups the necessary knowledge and how-to and we look forward to collaborating with KISCH IP as we know it will truly add value to those attending.”

Five attorneys from KISCH IP will present on 3 September 2020, from 2 – 6pm with the collaboration being held virtually and at the University of Pretoria in TukNovation’s offices. “We look forward to sharing our expertise during a MasterClass that we know will make a difference to those attending by offering vital information as a further step to putting them on their path to success,” concludes Baravalle.