KISCH IP, as a specialised Intellectual Property (IP)_law firm in Africa, is in touch with any changes in Africa, including changes in how IP is being dealt with at the different Registries in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the requirements for the protection of IP, is the maintenance (renewal) of existing registrations for such IP.A failure to renew timeously will result in the relevant registration being removed due to non-renewal on the official Register. During the pandemic, for some territories everything has continued as normal, especially where Registry officials are able to work remotely and the Registry operations are primarily electronic.  However, for other territories there are/were temporary closure periods resulting in deadlines being extended. As specialists in Africa, we are able to advise on how best to proceed in each territory.

Different territories have different requirements for renewal. These include the application being accompanied by a Power of Attorney, for example. In relation to the deadlines, some territories allow a limited period after the deadline has passed for the late filing of renewals.

Our firm continues to operate in IP law and we may be contacted for new instructions or to provide information and guidance relating to IP protection in Africa.