Sadly, the saying “one man’s death is another man’s bread” finds application in the current pandemic we find ourselves in.

Around the globe and locally we have seen an unprecedented spike in sales of sanitising products, disinfectants, face masks and yes…toilet paper. Obviously, companies and individual entrepreneurs jumped at the business opportunity to supply the heavy demand of these products to hopefully #flattenthecurve.

Therefore, even in the midst of a global pandemic and economic meltdown, new and existing businesses are generating new intellectual property by expanding or introducing new brands, especially in relation to sanitising and respiratory related solutions and products. To ensure that these new respective brands (for new sanitising products, face marks, etc.) stay clean and clear from any “infection” caused by a third party’s knock off products, the owners of these new brands will consult with a trade mark specialist to properly protect their brands while they fight to #flattenthecurve.

Meanwhile, in Italy, which is the European epicentre of the deadly virus, an individual has taken things even further by filing a trade mark application for his brand CORONAVIRUS WINES in logo format in relation to wine and alcoholic beverages as well as clothing, headgear and footwear. In my view, this is bad taste (although Italy is known for great wines), against public interest and offensive seeing the catastrophic effects of the Coronavirus in Italy. Therefore, other than being attacked on social media, I am sure the individual’s application for CORONAVIRUS WINES will be refused.

If you have launched or planning to launch a new product or service to assist in fighting the disease in any way shape or form, please duly consider the trade mark aspects prior to taking any action.

We wish you and your family safety and health during this time and to all those fighting on the front lines, we salute you