Siri and Alexa are not patent attorneys, yet

Challenging times foster innovative solutions and when times are tough we, companies and individuals alike, tend to hunker down and start innovating. 

Once you start innovating you turn towards the omnipotent and all-knowing Siri, Alexa, or whoever your AI-dame of choice is, and ask the fundamental question “am I the first one to come up with this idea, or are there similar products out there?” After receiving an affirmative answer to the former and a dissenting answer to the latter, it is all systems go or so it appears at first.

You then enthusiastically splurge resources on the design, manufacture, production, and marketing of the product borne out of your innovation, and before you know it you are an emerging Elon Musk.

And then woe and behold, you open your email one day and receive a much-dreaded letter of demand (also known as a cease and desist letter) alleging that you are infringing upon another party’s intellectual property rights. Usually such a letter will in essence demand that you immediately cease making, marketing and selling the allegedly infringing products and deliver all such products up for destruction. The letter usually includes a phrase along the lines of “failing to meet the demands (within a short time span) will result in legal proceedings and a claim for damages to be instituted against you”.

So, instead of trusting Siri, Alexa, or whoever your AI-dame of choice is to navigate you through intellectual property’s complex minefield, rather ask her to call a firm of specialist intellectual property attorneys before you embark on your exciting journey of innovation. Not only will they provide you with the latest technology landscape reports, but you will also receive sound advice on how to avoid infringement, protect your innovation, structure your business and optimise your brand.

In this regard the articles entitled “WHY SHOULD I TRUST MY PATENT ATTORNEY?” and “PROPHYLACTIC LAW - THE RIGHT APPROACH TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY” will give you the peace of mind that asking the right question to the right party, will set you up for success and pave the way for protecting your innovation and avoiding infringement.