Rhodes 52km Trail Run

The Rhodes 52km Trail Run was founded amongst others by the practice’s Reinard le Roux, our former Chairman, and is held annually in July in extreme weather conditions.  Historically, our role in this event has been to man a check-point and feeding station for the runners along the treacherous route. However, the KISCH IP Team involved in this event were touched by the plight of community in the virtually forgotten hamlet of Rhodes in the Eastern Cape province.

Therefore, and as part of our social outreach programme, KISCH IP has undertaken various projects in the community.  The first of these was the cleaning, re-painting and revamping of the six classrooms of the Rhodes Public School, Zakhele, including the provision of brightly coloured educational material for each classroom and each of the 237 children was supplied with a full set of stationery.  Since then, our projects have included a total overhaul of the community playground, involving fresh paint all around and fixing of broken equipment, a donation of sporting equipment and kit to the school children, a further renovation of the school and donation of clothing, soup and basic provisions to the community.

KISCH IP is a proud supporter of this race and will continue to assist wherever possible in the upliftment of the local community.

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